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Talent, if nurtured well at the right time, can change the face of our nation, and accelerate the process of making India globally competetive .We have already had a glimpse of  "what is possible"  by the phenomenal rise of sectors like IT,  ITES   &  BPO .

In spite of the rapid progress made by India in many fronts, there is another India which we all are pretty familiar with. Another India where poverty is rampant, where higher education is a distant dream irrespective of how talented the student is. It is here where you, me and we can come together and make the difference. Allow the buds to blossom. Extend a level playing ground for all, so essential to sustain a democracy.

India has its history for values, ethics and a great culture. Majority of the people still believe in supporting each other and helping others.

The main motive of this website is to facilitate and bring people together, both Willing Sponsors and Deserving Students, to make a strong chain of responsible people to bring visible and positive difference in the country.

All sponsorers and students will be linked directly irrespective of caste, creed and geography. Details of the people will be published in Brilliant Brains website to inspire others. Sponsors can pay the fees directly to respective colleges and miscellaneous expenses to students.

It's like sowing an education seed. Sponsors will be the root of this plant and the sponsorees would be branches. Sow an education seed and give life to people who really deserve it. This program is to facilitate for Talented Poor students as per below definition.

TALENT- Any student who scores an average of 90% or more marks in both 10th class and Intermediate (+2) exams.

POOR - Family having an annual income less than Rs.72000/- or a net worth less than Rs 3 Lakhs.

TALENTED POOR - Combination of above.

We have started this program in 2007. So far, 38 students are supported and out of them 24 Students successfully completed their graduation. 3 are married, 7 are pursuing higher education and 14 are working in various organizations. 14 students are currently studying as on 31st Dec 2015. However, we are getting registrations from some students who have not fulfilled the above criteria where as they have achieved a good rank in EAMCET or CET etc. and some sponsors are willing to support such students.

  1. After completing graduation and getting a job, every sponsored student must sponsor 2 more deserving students and should strengthen this chain through out the nation.

  2. There is no legal binding on any student to sponsor 2 more students; however it is a moral responsibility of students to be committed in writing before sponsorship.

  3. All students who got sponsorship must ensure to score an average of 85% marks in their academics to get continuous sponsorship. In some cases if the college highest score is less than 85%, the student should be in top 3 of the college.

* We have estimated that under graduate study will cost a minimum of Rs 2Lakhs which includes tution fee, food, accommodation and other expenses. However, in some cases due to student's talent some institutes are waiving of college annual fees and in such cases sponsorers should take care of other expenses. These are estimated figures and actual cost may vary depending on the course and location of the students. The Estimate given above is for under graduate course within India and we currently don't have plan to support overseas education or students from other countries.

If you are inspired by this program, ACT NOW. Register and update your profile either as deserving student or a willing sponsor. Brilliant Brains team will contact you as soon as possible. You may also spread this message to like minded people.

If not, you still can get benefit from this website by visiting our e-library where a whole lot of useful information is in store for you.