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Be a role model in family, society by uplifting others and empowering them to make their lives happy in the context of love and joy.

I was born in SALUR, Andhra Pradesh. I was a small boy in 1984 working as a mechanic in our own garage to support our big family of 13 members to make a living. At that time future was faded, No clear Goals, Proper direction, Major motivation, and financial stability. Father being a driver, income was humble and life was not easy. I planned to do Engineering in Pune which would cost Rs. 17, 000/- per annum. I was refused by parents due to high cost of engineering education. Finally I managed to join in commerce in Salur Degree College and continued supporting our family business.

However, my burning desire for education, good job and making a difference for self, family and society has not stopped there. I convinced my father and left to Pune in 1989 to do my MBA. Passed MBA in 1991 and got a job with a salary of Rs.4100 per month. My journey in the last 20 years was not smooth; it involved lot of Hard work, Discipline and Desire to win. Many say I am lucky!!! But I would say it is 1% Inspiration and 99% perspiration.

One of my goals:

I missed my Engineering, Decided to make Engineering graduates by sponsoring Talented Poor students for 4 years graduation. In next 20 years, I should be able to make 10 such Good Engineers. (For every 4 years 2 students, so, 2x5 = 10 students)

Last but not least, I am grateful to my wife and daughters who continuously encourage and support my thoughts.