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"By lighting another candle,  more light is provided without loosing its own". India is full of talented people whose potential is not harnessed to the fullest capacity.  "Youth is not 100% of country's population, but 100% of country's future is in their hands".  Being responsible citizens of the country,  let's empower them. You can appear in this website in 2 ways.
  1. Sponsor a TALENTED POOR student who is not your blood relation, for higher education .
  2. Be a deserving TALENTED POOR student who meets the criteria.
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Inspire sponsors, uplift talented poor students across India and empower them to bring visible change and transform society through Brilliant Brains.
Every EDUCATED, Well established, Financially sound person must sponsor at least one deserving Talented Poor student for 4 years graduation course.  In return every sponsored student should sponsor 2 more deserving talented poor students after graduation and getting a job.

This chain should become stronger and longer and make India a better place to live.

As of today, 38 students are benefitted through BrilliantBrains. Out of them 24 students successfully completed their graduation and are working in various organisations at different levels. Few of them are pursuing higher eduction like M.Tech/Ph.D/MS etc. Presently 14 students are being supported and few applications are under review. We are happy to see 3 of the old students benifitted from BrilliantBrains started sponsoring the students.

Brilliantbrains student Sunkara Nagaraju (Doing M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur) has been placed in Freescale Semiconductors, Noida. Joining in May/June 2015

We have Nikhil Kumar in Brilliantbrains, who has scored 15th Rank in JEE advanced and joined computer science in IIT Mumbai and scored 9.68 in 1st Semester

Brilliantbrains student Konganapalli Gopal (Doing M.Tech from IIIT-Bangalore) has been selected for talent scholarship from Societe Generale India